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Original Story: By: Shaine Freeman Songwriting – 8.0 || Music – 8.5 || Vocals – 9.0 Web: Location: Cincinnati, OH Genre: Alternative Folk Royal Holland comes roaring out of Cincinnati, Ohio with his latest EP release, Volume One – The Maze. The sound on this project is a[...]

Original Story – By: Brian Lush This is mostly an audio interview so click the link above to listen! A longtime presence on the Cincinnati indie rock scene, multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter ROYAL HOLLAND began developing his intimate and grooving synth-folk vibe while performing over the years in bands that[...]

Original Story – By: Mike Breen Royal Holland Issues First EP Volume One – The Maze is the first official release from Royal Holland, the pseudonym/current project of Cincinnati singer/songwriter Matt Mooney, former frontman of late local Indie Rock band Koala Fires. The EP is available now at[...]

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  • Devil's Night

  • Statues

  • The Maze

  • Shore

  • Twin Rivers (Feat. Margaret Darling)

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  • Class X radio 88.9 89.1 FM. In 10 minutes!
  • Should this be new #royalholland merch? How much is it worth? #merchandising #$ #music
  • In the ladies room?! How #controversial! #royalholland #reggieandthefulleffect @sghrevival
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  • Justin Hemmerling and co.
  • #hyperlapse Justin Hemmering of Speed Governor!!!!
  • Some Yankee Ghost! So good!
  • Goodbye Cincinnati
  • Joel Walter @ tree bar in Columbus. Real sad. Real good.
  • Teri's bar had a fire a few weeks ago. They are closed maybe forever. So I'm play at Fergie's Pub for open mic night instead! There was a really good juggler a few seconds ago. I swear.
  • Hiya Teri's. How bout I play a show inside you in a few hours?
  • I feel satisfied, yet a little ill.
  • #patsnotgenos
  • I did not know this, but train cars contain lots of invisible arrows. They are colored yellow in this photo so you can see them. #hiddenarrows
  • Hot For Alice is such a good band.
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