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Original Story – Hailing from Cincinnati, singer-songwriter Matt Mooney has recently released his second EP under his Royal Holland moniker. The stage name carries a conceptual journey of youth love lost through death—and the memory and grief that results—over an expanse of a 3-EP experience. This Flamingo EP is[…]

Original Story BY JAMES MCQUISTON MAY 30, 2015 FEATURES, MUSIC REVIEWS The Grave is a powerful introduction to Cincinnati’s Royal Holland’s latest effort, Volume Two: Flamingo. There are hints of Radiohead, Bright Eyes, and even the dust-swept singer-songwriters of era past. What results with this introductory salvo is something that[…]

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  • Demimonde

  • The Program (Is Bound To)

  • The Body (In Which It Sits)

  • Golem Effect

  • Embassy

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