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Original Story BY JAMES MCQUISTON MAY 30, 2015 FEATURES, MUSIC REVIEWS The Grave is a powerful introduction to Cincinnati’s Royal Holland’s latest effort, Volume Two: Flamingo. There are hints of Radiohead, Bright Eyes, and even the dust-swept singer-songwriters of era past. What results with this introductory salvo is something that[…]

Original Story RATING: 9 / 10 Genre: Alternative Rock, Folk Website: Songwriting – 9 | Music – 9 | Vocals – 9 Cincinnati, Ohio has birthed a number of music’s biggest names, including: Antonio “LA” Reid, Rascal Flatts, The Isley Brothers, and now the city has another one in[…]

Original Story Royal Holland’s “Flamingo” shows the importance of the build. These are songs of a master craftsman. By carefully letting his songs build up into boiling cauldrons full of all the elements that began so quietly, he is able to show the true power of the gradual progression towards[…]

Original Story: By: Shaine Freeman Songwriting – 8.0 || Music – 8.5 || Vocals – 9.0 Web: Location: Cincinnati, OH Genre: Alternative Folk Royal Holland comes roaring out of Cincinnati, Ohio with his latest EP release, Volume One – The Maze. The sound on this project is a[…]

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