Royal Holland


Volume Two – Flamingo


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  • Release: 30 Jun, 2015
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  • The Grave

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      I’m just hanging out, watching as the time slips off the clock.
      Wondering if it’s going to stop.
      Days keep floating by, full of minutes that are never quite on time,
      That stack themselves into a life.

      But is it long enough?

      So, Vega save me now, ‘cause I’m not sure that I remember how,
      And I’m folded in half.
      So, lay your body down and make your sacred vow to cover me.
      I think that’s all I really need.

      But is it strong enough?

      I was busy staring in the void.
      Someone said you were looking for me.
      I’m just scraping by day after day,
      seeing if there’s anything worth to save.
      Falling from the cradle to the grave,
      Death’s just there waiting anxiously for me.

  • Flamingo

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      Wingspan the size of a ghostly corpse.
      Swoop overhead.

      You’ll not be tamed by our mockery.
      Beast of the wild.

      Oh how we nullify the greatness you comprise,
      By caricature.

      Fly over me, wail out your decree.
      Never let me be.

      We pile on all of this, so we can keep forgetting,
      That we’re frail and ill equipped for these lives we’re barely living.
      So, never let me be, remind me of the killing;
      That beast inside of me that flies free if I’m willing.

      And I’m willing.

  • Holy Moses

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      It was a pretty cool day for the middle of August.
      Crowd making way like a sea we were parting.
      As you pulled me through you still wouldn’t answer why.
      Your sad sad mind, it kept on darting, my darling,
      To and Fro

      I haven’t figured it out, but I think that I’m learning.
      Passing thoughts through the air like a bush we were burning.
      You pointed at me and gently tugged my tie.
      You said it was not for me to question why.
      Your smokey ghost eyes, they kept on darting, my darling,
      To and Fro

  • Polaroid Blues

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      Capturing light to calm the nerves
      Dusk's fingers, less than she deserves
      Slinking around her lines and curves
      I see something developing
      A haze that covers everything

      There goes my baby, nothing to lose
      Except for maybe her Polaroid blues
      And on and on

      Machine to capture images
      Dream rife with tinted visages
      Of beauty transformed by the lens
      I see something developing
      A haze that changes everything

      There goes my baby, nothing to lose
      Except for maybe her Polaroid blues
      And on and on

      She's looking pretty good to me

  • These Mundane Lives

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      My tears are engineers they're working overtime
      They're making metal gears and forcing them in line
      They're making catalogs of parts that fit the parts that don't fit anything

      My tears are soldiers fighting on a foreign soil
      They've taken casualties, they've seen enough of war
      They're reading letters from their girls back home and smoking cigarettes

      My tears are sailors and they sail away from me
      They're sailing out to see it's where they long to be
      Yet somedays I can still hear them gather on the deck and sing

      Oh, blessed morning, oh, blessed evening come
      We'll sail the stormy gale and sleep when the day is done
      The ocean's majesty is evident with every tugging of the tide, but
      Our greatness is hiding within our mundane lives.