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I Am Entertainment “Volume One – The Maze” Review

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By: Shaine Freeman

Songwriting – 8.0 || Music – 8.5 || Vocals – 9.0
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Genre: Alternative Folk

Royal Holland comes roaring out of Cincinnati, Ohio with his latest EP release, Volume
One – The Maze. The sound on this project is a cross pollination of several genres that
can be best described as Alternative Folk. It is Royal Holland’s uniqueness that makes
his 5-track EP such a fun and interesting musical work of art. In a world of comparisons, I
found it hard to actually compare his music to anyone I’ve ever heard, which is a great

My favorite song on Volume One – The Maze is the project’s lead track, “Devils Night”.
The reason I like it the most is because it has a very unique sound that fuses together
elements of dub-step, folk, rock, and pop. This is a lesson on how music knows no
boundaries when the musicians creating it are uninhibited in their approach to making
great songs. Few independent artists have taken this kind of risk without failing
miserably, so it stands to reason that Royal Holland knows how to work outside the “box”,
and enjoys taking a walk on the wild side of music’s landscapes. His vocal talents equally
match the music, setting off an infectious series of melodies that complete this song’s
overall appeal.

In addition to “Devils Night”, Volume One – The Maze offers two other songs that I dug
almost as much as the lead track, inlcuding both “Statues” and “Shore”. Both of these
tracks add to the completeness of this EP, giving it that essential luster that every
independent release needs to attract and establish a loyal audience of fans. I think Royal
Holland is well on his way to becoming a folk legend if he sticks with it and continues to
release great music that he can take with him on tour. Check out his website for more

“Volume One – The Maze″ TRACK LIST
1) Devil’s Night
2) Statues
3) The Maze
4) Shore
5) Twin Rivers (Feat. Margaret Darling)

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