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Hot Indie News – Royal Holland ‘Volume One – The Maze’ – Music Review

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By: Melissa Kucirek

Cincinnati’s Royal Holland has the goods. In his latest effort, the short but incredible EP Volume One – The Maze, Holland is a must listen for fans of folk rock and modern music.

“Devil’s Night” – something about this song still haunts my mind – the stirring percussion that sounds like galloping horses crossing the horizon, or the mysteriously-fantastic way Holland makes this track feel happy. If I’m correct, he’s singing about “all of wishing for a better life.” The lyrics are uplifting and this folk-rocker trims the production to just the right amount.

In “Statues” my heart ached – the brightness and joy in Holland’s delivery is palpable. This song is a triumph – but again, “Devil’s Night” lights the way for standout track. “Shore” is a close second. It’s winding lyrics and curiously subtle music bed is inspiring.

“Maze” takes the listener through evocative lyrics and yet a calming presence. Finally, “Twin Rivers” guides the listener to a unique sonic space.

As a listener – I wanted more and cannot wait to hear more from Royal Holland. His presentation and likability is strong. I’m still thinking of “Devil’s Night.” Give the guy a solid A+ for his Volume One – The Maze.

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