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The Miews Review: Volume Two – Flamingo

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RATING: 9 / 10

Genre: Alternative Rock, Folk
Songwriting – 9 | Music – 9 | Vocals – 9

Cincinnati, Ohio has birthed a number of music’s biggest names, including: Antonio “LA” Reid, Rascal Flatts, The Isley Brothers, and now the city has another one in the making – Royal Holland. I had the opportunity to review Royal’s first volume in this series of self-titled EP’s and can tell you, the guy is consistently good. Volume Two: Flamingo is a very cool project that lives in the Alternative Folk-Rock lane. Similar to his first volume release, this project has 5 tracks that breathe life into the U.S. indie music scene.

The most notable track – in my opinion – on Volume Two: Flamingo is “Polaroid Blues“, which is perfectly named to match the tone and grooves in the music – vintage. This song carries the same sound that made Pink Floyd and Queen so legendary, which is why it stood out amongst all of the other great songs on ‘Flamingo’. Royal Holland delivers a vocal performance that the rock legends before him would be proud of; from the harmonies to the melodies, this guy sings the song well. In addition to the vocals, the music is flat out awesome! The mix, drums, and guitar work are all cleverly crafted to invoke nostalgia in the minds of real rock music fans who remember the great bands of the 60’s & 70’s. Just listen to this song and you’ll feel/understand every word I’m saying.

In addition to “Polaroid Blues”, Volume Two: Flamingo offers three other songs that gave me the feeling that Royal’s on his way to being a Cincinnati legend, including: “The Grave”, “Flamingo”, and “Holy Moses”. When your EP has 4 out of 5 tracks that (again, in my opinion) rock, it means you’ve created a phenomenal project. You have to like vintage rock and roll in order to appreciate what Royal Holland is bringing on his new EP, and if that fits your musical tastes, then make sure you check into this guy.


The Grave
Holy Moses
Polaroid Blues
These Mundane Lives

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